We are your local Mackay solar sales and installation team!

We only offer market leading inverters such as SMA, Solax and Solar panels such as Trina, JA Solar and many more.


We will design a system to suit your needs and budget. As well as offering after sales service to keep it saving you money for many years to come.

We also only sell and install our own systems and do not sub-contract to the non-local solar companies and fly by nighters!

Ask these questions of the solar company when you consider your system.


Q: Are you certified for design and install?


A: A quality solar installer should be CEC Accredited so you know that your system is designed and installed to current standards. 


Our team at Recon Energy are fully accredited and have been working in the solar space for the last decade. We have been around long enough to see many companies pop up sell inferior product shut down and open under a different name to do it again (It is still happening). We have also been around long enough to see the many law and policy changes around renewables and know what products are good and what is rubbish.

Q:Do you design and install the system?


A: Many large solar companies only design and sell systems and use third party sub contractors to carry out your installation. In most cases your design will be done in front of a computer with no site visit. This will lead to errors on installation day. As well as compromising your system quality. 


Our team at Recon Energy will design and install your system with the team carrying out the design being the team that will also turn up to do the installation. This means we can ensure a quality product product from start to finish!  Ask other providers if they can say the same?

Q: Do you stand behind your products?


A: A reputable installer will select products based on quality and not on price point.

Our team at Recon Energy only use quality products. Sure there are cheaper products around but will they stand the test of time? Will the team that installed it be around in 10 years time to service the unit?

We will design a system to suits your needs and budget without sacrificing quality, performance and most importantly safety!

There is a lot of operators in the solar space and unfortunately they are not always reputable or doing what's best for the customer. We promise to offer straight forward unbiased advice and if we cannot carry out a job we will point you in the right direction of a reputable business that can.

Get in touch and let us help you get solar today!

Grid Connected Solar Packages

5Kw Solax Inverter/ JA Solar Panels

10 Kw Solax Inverter/ JA Solar Panels

5Kw SMA Inverter/ Trina Panels

6Kw SMA Inverter/ Trina Panels

10Kw SMA Inverter/ Trina Panels

30Kw SMA Inverter/ Trina Panels